Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chacho And Traditional Building In Alamos, Sonora

You may remember my post from January 22nd on El Jardin De Arte 
which is Jerry's home and art gallery here in Alamos.

And in the previous post you met Chacho
 and saw his amazing work with thatched palapas,
Chacho And The Thatched Palapa In Alamos, Sonora

But that is not all that Chacho does.

This building is Jerry's gallery and office 
and is built using a traditional technique called barra y barro
or wood and clay.

Wood posts are set in the ground and sticks are woven between them.
Clay is applied to both the inside and outside.

From the inside light filters in
 through sections that are left unmudded.

And also in Jerry's garden is this one stop bird station
 that Chacho created from a dead tree trunk and stone.

Food and water for our feathered friends.

As you saw in the previous post,
Chacho is a master of the natural form.