Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More Ideas For Gates

We have run across some pretty nice gates in the last few months,
 so let's do an update.

This very striking gate above lives in Hillsboro, New Mexico,
which seems to have an abundance of interesting gates.

To see more go to my post:
or for more on Hillsboro,
check the LABEL on the right sidebar for
Building In Hillsboro And Kingston New Mexico

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Cemetery At Kingston, New Mexico

One of our favorite places is the area around the towns of Kingston and Hillsboro
along the western slope of the Black Range Mountains
 in southernwestern New Mexico, 
and this fall as we were motoring through the area
 we stopped at the Kingston Cemetery.

I have always enjoyed old and unusual cemeteries
 and this one takes the cake.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Architect Focuses On Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo Homes

I recently saw the article Architect focuses on Ohkay Owingeh homes
a monthly publication of the Santa Fe New Mexican.

The article was authored by the real estate guide's editor Paul Weideman,
who has done a terrific job with the monthly publication,
as well as write articles on architecture.

Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo is well over 600 years old 
and lies on the banks of the Rio Grande River in northern New Mexico.

What caught my attention was that instead of using grant moneys
 to build new, conventionally built, single family homes,
 as has been done in the past with HUD money, 
the emphasis here is on rehabilitation of existing old adobe homes,
as was noted by the architect Jaime Blosser, 
who has done a groundbreaking job on this project.

As The AIA Santa Fe chapter noted in giving the project an Honor Award
“The brilliance of this plan is that it preserves a national historic treasure, 
not by freezing it in time, 
but by encouraging it to thrive as a natural evolving community.”  

Wow, the concept of letting historical structures
 "thrive as a natural evolving community" (note the word evolving),
must have the historical preservation community up in arms.

You may detect a hint of derision
 towards the preservation police in my comments.

Please read the whole article 
by clicking the first link at the top of this page.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Year Of Mud

A newly added blog to the Blogs I Follow section at the bottom of the right side bar:

Ziggy has been building with cob at his intentional community
and they will be sponsoring some workshops this year 
on timber framing and straw bale building
 so check out his site for more info on dates, etc.

Please keep an eye on my Blogs I Follow section 
as there is a nice cross section of blogs there 
and I like all of them.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Alcazaba Of Malaga, Spain

While we are missing in action in Baja California Sur
 I want to let you know about some blog posts that I want to acknowledge.

is putting out some of the best work in his field in the blogosphere.

Currently he is covering his trip to Spain with tours
 of some amazing historical, artistic, and gardening sites.

His latest post is Alcazaba Of Malaga, (photo above),
is nothing short of amazing. 

Of all the Blogs I Follow section at the bottom of my right side bar
I think Jeffrey is putting out some of the best work 
in terms of in depth design ideas
 and more importantly his willingness to share technique.

He only posts every couple of weeks but boy, 
the content that he puts out.

Please take a moment to check it out.