Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stairway To Mirador

In my walk abouts around Alamos, Sonora 
I noticed these guys working on this very nice stairway.

And after talking to them I realized this was no small project.

These stairs were going all the way up to the Mirador,
 which is a very nice lookout, 
high on a hill over Alamos.

Things start in the arroyo way at the bottom,
 where the piles of sand and gravel are.

All the concrete and mortar is mixed by hand here at the bottom, 
just above the arroyo.

This is one hard working crew.

Meanwhile, up at the top another crew is working on the forms...

...and finishing the concrete.

This fellow is part of the crew carrying the concrete up...

...all the way to the top.

This is incredibly hard work, needless to say.

In between the mixing, the forms, and the pouring, 
are the masons who are setting the brick and stone risers and treads.

They are doing a beautiful job of finishing off the stairs.

This amazing and difficult project will be here for a long time, 
and will be a testament to the hard work that was put into it.