Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cement Trim And Brick Floor Detail

You may remember this photo above, 
from a post I did on Ernesto and Elena's remodel 
on a very old house in Alamos, Sonora.

I want to get back to technique;
 and when I took the photo Ernesto had said he wanted to trim out
 the base columns for the archway into the kitchen.

Well this is how they did it.

First they formed up, what I believe is called the capital, 
pinning the fresh pour into the wall.
I believe they added some rebar to the pour.

The freshly poured capital.
Anybody out there know if that is the correct term?

The freshly added crown molding added to the capital.
Small pieces of brick are embedded in to the cement.

This is now ready to have a thin coat of plaster applied
or painted directly.

Astute readers may remember this photo
showing the technique for shaping the crown.

Now to the brick floor.

The brick are set into a thick bed of mortar
 over the existing concrete floors.

The perimeter of the room is done first to establish level.

The crew that Ernesto uses are a family of multi-generational builders,
who are very accomplished at all facets of the process,
 maestros to be exact.

Once the brick have set up the grout is applied.

After it has stiffened the brick are sponged cleaned
and the joints smoothed over.

Beautiful work,
 and I particularly like the square brick in a diagonal pattern.

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