Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Old Adobes

In the past month or so we have passed by three old adobe houses.

These first three photos were taken in Patagonia, Arizona,
and I couldn't tell if this house was inhabited or not.

The adobes were in pretty good shape,
which I would attribute to the overhanging roof.

This next very old building is in Alamos, Sonora
 and is owned by Steve and MaryJane.

on their adjoining casita on February 6th.

Note the different types of repair on this one.
Around the door is fired brick which is very common in this area.

I would guess there was a door where the grey brick are.

It appears the lintel over the door was removed for some reason;
termites maybe?

Note how the bricks wore here.

The mud mortar washed out first, 
eroding each brick from the top.

They hope to remodel this bodega in the future.

I featured this old house in a post from almost a year ago;

Obviously the roof failed here but why was that allowed to happen 
in such a prominent house as this must have been?

A flat roof always presents problems,
particularly in a time period 
when adequate roofing materials were scarce.

The other moral to the problem with flat roofs 
is there is no overhang to protect from rain
washing down the walls.