Monday, February 7, 2011

Design Elements In A Stately Old Alamos Home

We were fortunate to be invited into Sam and Carol's home
 here in Alamos, Sonora.

As soon as we entered the front door 
we were treated to beautiful design and quality craftsmanship.

From the front door one looks through a gate into the courtyard.

And after passing through that gate is an eye catching tile design.

Sam is a retired architect and has travelled the world and Mexico
 with Carol picking up design ideas.

The stone columns leads one eyes...

...right on up... the diagonal latilla ceiling.

This is a design that Sam brings from his former home in New Mexico.

The rafters are concrete with a painted finish that looks just like wood. 
Back in the eastern U.S. this is referred to as a combed finish.

One my favorite parts of the house is this Moorish arch
 Sam designed that looks into the kitchen.

The stained glass is of the agave plant.

The remodeling that Sam and Carol have done blends
 so well with the history of this house.

A tile wainscoating.

And more tile setting off these steps.

Nice job Sam and Carol.