Friday, February 11, 2011

Carpinteria Rosas

Any walk around Alamos, Sonora will confirm to the casual observer
 that there are some excellent woodworkers here.

The doors, windows and cabinetry show a high level
 of sophistication and craftsmanship.

So it was with interest that I stopped by Carpinteria Rosas shop one day
with my friend David.

Senior Martin Rosas (right) is a multi-generational woodworker 
and his shop started by his grandfather is putting out first rate woodworking.

It is a well equipped shop with the standard tools: 
table saw, planer, jig saw, etc. and an assortment of hand tools.

I noted that his table saw is the exact saw that I have:
a 35 year old Rockwell contractors saw
( except he has a better fence).

These nice looking rough-cut pine boards are waiting for the planer.

They come from the Sierra Madre Mountains to the east of here.

The drawers are ready to be finished...

...just as soon as the cabinet is finished.

Not sure what these boards are but there is an assortment of local hardwoods
 that are used here including mesquite. 

The old roof rafters that are taken out when the roofs are replaced,
 are also commonly remilled into 1x boards.

I guess in my next post I will look at some windows and doors.