Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Understated Kitchen In Alamos

In sharp contrast to the previous post which was somewhat ornate,
 is this kitchen that Doug has just finished remodeling.

I like the open feel of the upper shelves for dishes
 in contrast to having upper cabinets, 
and the yellow color gives off a nice warm glow,
 especially when highlighted by the LED strip lighting under the shelf.

The LED lights are available in different temperature ratings.

Doug's home is much simpler in it's styling 
and was historically not the stately home as shown in the previous post.

He has been true to that design with clean simple lines,
that brings to mind the Shaker aesthetic found north of the border.

As is typical here in Sonora the cabinets are concrete, 
which you may have noticed, I am intrigued with the concept.

Although the lower section is open, wooden doors are often added later.

The counter and sink were done in a single pour.

And in contrast to the single pour concrete counters,
 in the states these were done in place,
 but also the finish coat was applied after the base had set up.

The finish has a nice smooth feel to it
 and is to be sealed in the near future.

The dining area has these beautiful and original wooden shutters
 that have been very nicely refinished.

The refinishing brought out out the grain of the wood, 
and left a warm tone.

In keeping with the design theme in the kitchen,
 is this concrete vanity which is stained a beautiful yellow.

I like the shallow, wide sink.

As you may have noticed if you have been following my other posts
 from here in Alamos there is quite a variety of style here.