Sunday, February 20, 2011

Porfirio Bustillo, #3 - Formed Cement As Faux Stone

This is the 3rd post in a row on the work of mason Porfirio Bustillo.

Please refer to the 2 previous posts to more easily follow along:
Now I want to show how he gives his decorative cement work 
a finish that resembles carved cantera stone.

He starts with crushed cantera stone that is common 
in the Alamos, Sonora area.

It is a soft stone that is easy to crush into a powder with a hammer.

To that he adds this polymer adhesive.

I assumed that it must be similar to
 the latex or acrylic masonry admixes that I use in the states.

He adds some water to get a paint consistency... 

...and simply paints it on in a relatively thick coat.

He may apply two or more coats as needed.

And I will show this photo for the third time to show the results.

And I will show this doorway one more time
to show the finished results.

The exterior wall needs to have a finish coat applied
 which I hope to show later.

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