Saturday, February 12, 2011

Doors In Alamos, Sonora

Since my last post was on a woodworking shop in Alamos,
Carpinteria Rosas
let's look at some doors since that is the best access I have
 to some of the incredible woodworking they do here.

These doors were made from recycled roof rafters for Doug,
 who I profiled a couple of days ago in The Understated Kitchen In Alamos.

That post shows another set of doors that Doug had refinished.

Long time readers may remember these doors from a post on doors 
I did almost exactly a year ago.


More beautiful carving.

Anybody care to guess what the circles are:
Patches or view holes perhaps?

This seems to be a local style.

The hinged panels are very common
and of course this is mostly a cooling climate.

Really a gate, but I had to include this because of the latch.

I stopped by Carpinteria Rosas after writing the previous post
and low and behold they were refinishing some old doors
and replacing the bottom rails with mesquite.

As well as this exterior door above.

A couple of hours later I was walking down the street
and they already had it installed.

Looks nice.