Saturday, February 5, 2011

Imprenta V. Hernandez, Sucn.

I had been wanting to make cards for this blog for some time now
and while we have been in Alamos, Sonora I found out about a print shop
 that uses 100+ year old presses with hand set type. 

So for this blogs first birthday I finally got my cards.

You may recognize the print shop above
 because it will also be the home of Ernesto and Elena 
whose remodeling job I recently profiled in the following posts:
Formed Cement And Plaster on January 17th,
More Formed Cement And Plaster on January 19th, 
and The Masonry Kitchen on January 20th.

To see a short video on You Tube by Adobeigloo
of the presses in operation click here.

Elena is the third generation to run this print shop.

For further information contact:
Imprenta V. Hernandez, Sucn.
Comercio 16 APD0. 20
Alamos, Son., Mexico
(647) 42 8-00-72