Sunday, March 20, 2011

El Pedregal In Alamos, Sonora-Landscaping

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Above is a palapa built by Chacho whose work I profiled in

Anyone care for breakfast?

The next four photos are of a beautifully done water feature.

It is usually the dry season here in the winter 
and the sight and sound of the water creates a soothing atmosphere,
and cools off even the hottest day...

...especially as the landscaping is primarily native plants and trees
and xeriscaping.

This is a welcome relief to the large amounts of water 
resorts use to create those lush landscapes.

There is lots of carved stonework.

Water for the wildlife.

Green xeriscape plants are used creatively,
such as these spider plants above.

These are old gate posts,
The rails slide through the holes.
Now they are more sculptural.

David and Jennifer MacKay
 have done a beautiful job with El Pedregal
using natural materials in a more sustainable way
and looking at the traditional as a blueprint for today.