Friday, March 25, 2011

More On Entry Ways

Periodically I like to do a post on doors, gates, and entry ways.

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These first few photos are from Alamos, Sonora.

In the photo above the color and cactus grabbed my attention.

Here we are looking back out from another house.

The greenery and the cool shade are welcoming.

This gate is the entrance to Terasita's Bakery in Alamos.

Tile is what set this apart.

I love the white diamond tiles here.

They lead the way.

Above is the entrance to a small hotel off the Alameda.

Again green plants
 and the stairs leading to the unknown create an allure.

The stone facing on the wall and the turn in the steps
 greet the visitor to this otherwise average house.

An intriguing entry way doesn't have to be expensive or fancy.

The metal gates are good to allow the view in
 but still maintain a distance from the public.

Above and below are from San Carlos, Sonora.

Color directs the view inward.

These last two gates are in Patagonia, Arizona.

They show the creative use of color, paint, and design.

The past couple of months have been largely devoted
 to building in Alamos, Sonora, Mexico.

Much the same way that this post goes from Alamos
to Patagonia, Arizona I guess it is time to move north
 and get back to building in the American Southwest.

Please stay with me.