Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More On The Stone And Concrete Tub Made With Forms

This a continuation of the previous post:
Stone And Concrete Tub Made With Forms

Please refer to that to see how we got to here.

Above the forms have just been taken off
and with a little cleaning with a small chisel,
a lite touch and a hammer... end up with this (above)...

...and stepping back it looks like the view above.

From above, we scored the concrete to get a better bond
 with the next section of wall.

Above we are reassembling the inside forms.

We cut "legs" to put under the form to hold it at the right height.

The outside panels are on
 and the form is ready for the next section to be poured.

Note the legs holding it to the right height 
and the diagonal braces that help hold the mid section 
from bulging out at the bottom.

The rest of the bracing is much the same as the bottom section was.

Unfortunately we had to leave at this point, 
and I will report on the finished tub as soon as we get back.

Please refer to the end of the previous post
(Stone And Concrete Tub Made With Forms)
 for tips and observations on this project.

And to see the finished tub go to the post:
Concrete And Stone Hot Spring Pools.