Friday, March 18, 2011

El Pedregal In Alamos, Sonora-The Strawbale

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Above is the strawbale building, built by the previous owner,
 and used for yoga classes.

It has a thatch roof 
and the boulders out front create a sitting area.

One of the owners, David MacKay,
 showed us around the day we were there.

Inside is a great room with a intricately thatched roof.

Interestingly, after David and Jennifer bought the property
 they decided to build with adobe.

Because the strawbales that were locally available
 for this building were so loosely tied
they all had to be retied to make them tight enough.

On the other hand adobe,
 even though it is no longer used very much,
has a long history in this area with a continuing knowledge base 
and a proven track record.

Back outside is more stone work.

Next time we will look at the grounds.