Saturday, March 12, 2011

Skylights In Sonora

My previous post was on Roof Treatments In Alamos, Sonora 
and the one immediately before that was Ceiling Treatments In Alamos, Sonora.

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Now let's look at skylights.
Here in Alamos skylights are often used in remodeling
 as the old homes can be quite dark.

But they are not the type of skylights we are used to in the states.

The photo above was taken in Doug's home:

Doug did something a bit different;
He created a 2" air space just between the glass bricks
and the cement tile above them.

Remember this is generally a cooling climate.

This wall captures the light flooding in Elena and Ernesto's home
from another skylight using glass bricks.

Check the end of the post
for all the posts on their house.

Please excuse the glare in these photos.
These are a bit beyond my abilities as a photographer.

These next two are from Katherine and Bob's house in Alamos.

For a roof shot scroll down to the previous post.

Above shows the glass brick and the cement tiles on the top.

This last shot is a bit different.

This is a home in San Carlos, Sonora beside the Sea of Cortez.

I love this roof and the use of the vault ceilings
as well as the vaulted skylights, 
and the dome skylight on the far left.

I hope this gives you some ideas for getting light in
 without using the standard skylights as we know them in the states.

Having just written this post,
I must admit I am not a fan of skylights
as we normally think of them.

They invariably leak,
they let the heat out in the winter,
and overheat in the summer.