Friday, March 11, 2011

Roof Treatments In Alamos, Sonora

If you go back to the previous post you will see ceilings;
Ceiling Treatments In Alamos, Sonora.

Now let's look at how they do the roof here.

Above is an older roof made of fired bricks.

I am not sure how they got the change in slope here.

Maybe there is a lower brick ceiling 
with dirt or sand used as a leveling agent.

You can see how heavy these can become.

The building in the distance is having its roof replaced.

Often the old roof bricks are used in floor replacement.

This is probably an addition to the same building as the first photo.

Note the slope on this part and the cement patches.

Now we go to a new roof on Katherine and Bob's house.

See how they got to this point in the earlier posts:

On their roof they used the insulated panels 
you see on the skylights to insulate the whole area.

These styrofoam panels come with the wire reinforcement,
are laid over the cement tiles they used on top of concrete rafters,
and then are covered with more cement.

They provide insulation in this cooling climate,
and wire reinforcement for the cement covering.

This is all covered with a latex or acrylic roof paint.

These shots show how rain is directed to the canales.

Above is the canale...

...and from below.

 The pipe directs water over the sidewalk
 and away from the house.

Next time will be a good point to look at skylights.