Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Figueroa Family Woodworkers In Alamos, Sonora

We have been on the road recently in Arizona
(the more guns, less wi-fi state)
but I hope to get on a more regular posting schedule and...

...I was happy to meet Nemesisio Figueroa,
 who is part of a woodworking family here in Alamos.

He and his brothers have a compound where they practice their craft.

Above is his son, Jesus, who is putting a finish sealer 
on a mesquite window and frame.

And the window unit.

They had photos of this amazing mesquite desk.

I took photos of the photos.

They work with mesquite a lot
 and the carved feet seem to be their trademark.

On the worktable the day I was there were these picture frames 
and a 4 brick form for making fired bricks.

You may have seen these doors
 as I just showed them in a post I did February 12th:

They were built by one of Nemesio's brothers.

I never get tired of showing these photos 
as they show such a high degree of woodworking ability.

This shows more of the shop space.

What beautiful work comes out of this shop.