Thursday, March 17, 2011

El Pedregal In Alamos, Sonora-Adobe Casitas

In the six weeks we spent in Alamos this winter,
 I could only find one example of adobe being used in contemporary building,

The five casitas and lodge were built of adobe 
in the last few years by David and Jennifer MacKay.

Above is one of the casitas.

This is the second of a series on El pedregal.
Please refer to the previous post to start this series:
El Pedregal In Alamos, Sonora.

As well as the adobe, the buildings utilize local materials.

This includes the locally made doors and windows.

Above is another of the casitas.

El Pedregal creates a unique synthesis of adobe, wood and stone.

This one actually has two bedrooms with a shared bath.

The ceilings are a traditional style 
but one concession to modern materials is the metal roof.

The bathroom has a walk in shower that is common in Alamos.

The woodworking is rustic but shows a high degree of skill.

Outside the landscaping is a pleasing combination of natives 
and xeriscaping.

The bricks are approximately 4"x13"x20",
 which are bigger than the standard 4"x10"x14" in New Mexico.

They use a local grass in the brick and mortar
instead of the straw that is sometimes used in New Mexico.

Next time we will look at their straw bale building.