Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Exterior Cement Trim For Doorways And Windows In Mexico

I am constantly amazed at the mastery 
of the finished cement and concrete work in Mexico 
and it is no wonder as the prevalence of termites
 makes the use of wood almost impossible.

These first four photos are from San Carlos, Sonora.

I believe they attach strips of wood to the wall as forms to create this detail.

For these windows a wood reverse template with a guide
 is used to create the consistent pattern.

To see a photo of a similar technique go to the post:

I am guessing the medallion under the sill is made with a gypsum mold, 
either prefab and then applied, or in place.

One of the most incredible cemeteries is in Alamos, Sonora.

Above and below, I am guessing, is some kind of cement stucco over brick.

I have no idea how old this crypt would be but the detail is amazing.

This equally amazing doorway is also in Alamos.

Detail of a garage door trim in San Carlos.

North of the border, I noticed this finely detailed trim on a house
 in Silver City, New Mexico which proves
it can be done in this country.

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