Monday, October 24, 2011

Production Techniques At Syzygy Tileworks

In the previous building boom high end tile became a key element in design,
 but where do those tile come from?

This is the second post on Syzygy Tileworks,
and here are the other posts:

In the previous post we looked at the showroom 
and a sampling of the tiles they make,
now we will take a look at how they make those tiles.

This is the production room where it all starts 
in the 1938 abandoned industrial building that now houses Syzygy.

After the clay is rolled out it is laid on the table ready for cutting out tile.

Above a spray of water is applied for workability.

On the shelves above are numerous molds
 for all the many shapes that Syzygy produces.

Here is one example...

...and above is the tile that it makes.

Back to our clay, the mold is pressed in.

Note the air hose that is attached to the mold...

...when the clay is ready to be released from the mold 
a burst of air forces it out.

Sheets of drywall are used to hold them flat for the initial drying process.

Any leftover clay is put back in with the fresh clay to be reused.

Here is how those very small tile are done.

The next post we will continue our look at the production.