Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cecilia Stanford's Ceramic Art Studio

In the last post 
we were introduced to the home and studio of Cecilia Stanford, 
now let's take a look at her studio.

The day we were there she was between projects 
and moving things around so things were a bit cluttered 
but what I noticed were lots of large flat work tables at various heights.

The old lumberyard where she lives and works provides lots of room.

On one side were shelves with glazes.

And over on the other side were ceramics ready to use.

In the photo above are thin flat sheets of ceramic that have been fired and glazed
 and are ready to be broken or cut to size.

Having seen many examples of her work
 I was surprised at how thin these sheets were.

Ice trays are a great way to organize small pieces of tile...

...and more tile.

Even the utility sink has a tile mosaic.

The kilns.

And here is the artist with a multi-media shrine she has made.

Cece worked for James Hubbell for many years 
where she learned her trade in ceramic art.

These shrines happened to be in the studio the day we were there.

Next time we will take a look at her house 
and then we will look at some of her gallery work.

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