Friday, October 21, 2011

Syzygy Tileworks In Silver City, N.M.

Before we left Silver City back at the end of August 
we stopped by Syzygy Tile for a tour of their operations, 
expertly led by the showroom manager Patrick Hoskins.

This post will take a look at the showroom and their tile,
 and then the next three posts will look at their production facilities.

The rest of the set is as follows:

Syzygy is located in a previously abandoned 1938 industrial building 
on the main street of Silver City 
and since it's founding in 1993 it has become a major employer for the town.

Their handmade tile are expertly crafted by a skilled work force.

Their showroom has very nice and extensive displays of their tile
 with lots of great ideas for layouts and combinations.

The floor has several insets of their own tile...

...which greet you as you walk in.

Their tile is representative of the American arts and crafts movement...

...yet their design, color, and sizing are a new
 and creative interpretation of the handmade ethic.

What a delight to roam around the showroom.

These two samples above use the same color of Syzygy clay tiles
but the difference is in the color of glass tile mixed in.

What a change just one small element can make in the overall composition.

Of course the Virgin of Guadalupe is represented.

Their showroom also represents handmade tile from other manufacturers.

Next post we will take a tour of their production facilities.