Saturday, October 8, 2011

Naturally Formed Wood

Breitenbush Hot Springs in western Oregon
 has lots of beautiful use of free form wood,
and being in Oregon they have lots of wood.

There are those people who have a real knack
for using wood in it's natural shape...

...or creating nonlinear shapes with wood...

...and Sun Ray Kelley certainly comes to mind 
as someone who has a great ability at that.

Check out my post, Sun Ray Kelley,
 to see more of his home on wheels above.

This gate and its frame are in Alamos, Sonora and lead to the home
 I featured in Fixer Upper In Alamos.

The frame came from a dead mesquite
 and was made by owner  Steven Williams.

I have featured work by Jim at Gila Hot Springs Ranch
 ( near the Gila Cliff Dwellings ) in the past 
but any mention of free-form wood and I think of his work.

All of his work is from found objects washed down by the Gila River.

More of Jim's work is in the post: Garden Ornaments- Fine Art to Folk Art.

It is interesting how there is so much free form wood used at hot springs.

Last but not least we saw this walking around Alamos, Sonora.