Friday, October 28, 2011

Firing, Glazing, And Sorting At Syzygy Tileworks

This is the fourth and last post on Syzygy Tileworks in Silver City, N.M.
and this time we will look at the last steps in production.

The previous posts are:

Above are the natural gas fired kilns.

The tiles are fired the first time after the wet clay has dried,
and before the glazing has been applied.

Above are the drying racks.

Above are the smallest clay tiles made in America (1/2" square)
 having just come out of the kiln and ready for glazing.

I believe the tiles above are the 1"x 1"
 and it must be quite time consuming to glaze these.

The hand action was amazing as this woman was glazing these 4"x 4" tiles
but the glaze thickness, direction, and pattern must be consistent.

The whole glazing process from creating, mixing, and applying
 requires skill and consistency.

Waiting for the kiln.

This area is where tiles are sorted and put into patterns,
either to order or for customers approval.

Syzygy specializes in special orders
 and works with customers, designers, and architects.

This is the beauty of small business and handmade products.

A future fireplace surround.

Putting together sheets with the smallest tile in America.

Putting together an order.

Special thanks to Patrick Hoskins, the showroom manager, 
for giving us an expert and detailed tour of 
Syzygy Tileworks facilities.

Be sure to check out their website.