Sunday, May 1, 2011

Metal That Moves

Having done the post recently on Metal Sculpture In The Garden,
I realized I don't have much material on metal. 

These first two photos were included in the post

And the photo above was taken
 at the annual Rainbow Gathering in 2009.

I did a post on that gathering- 

This Mack truck moves around homes
 that are usually on the sea in Falmouth, Maine.

I'll bet there is only one of these in the whole world.

Our friend Tracy lived for years in this beautiful Silver Streak.

You may remember this bike from my post

And this you may remember in

It moves but it doesn't go very far.

And Cranberry Press uses this old printing press in Kingston, New Mexico.

I profiled them recently in the post:

These last two photos fall into the category of used to move.

Above is from El Dorado Hot Springs.