Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bathroom Sinks And Vanities

You recently saw this nicely done vanity in the post:

The sink is striking but what is interesting is the faucet spout.

The water falls off the disk that surrounds the handle 
and my preference is for a single handle control.

It is so much easier.

This is a bathroom that I built some years ago in Santa Fe, New Mexico
and profiled in the post: Bathroom Woodworking.

The sink is made in China from granite
 and is from Stone Forest in Santa Fe.

The countertop is 3/4" Indiana limestone
and the cabinet is ponderosa pine with walnut and aspen doors.

The faucet was a head scratcher.

I ended up using a utility sink unit 
and mounted it to the sink with a piece of brass
that I fabricated.

It was hard to find a faucet with a brass finish 
which I wanted to match the the exposed copper pipe.

The brass unions make it easy to disassemble if necessary.

This is another bathroom that I did.

The tile trim was a freebie
 and the light color tile was a discount end of run.

The vanity doors were previously kitchen cabinet doors
as well as the door handles.

In the same house this 3/4 bath has the same doors.

The sink was a throw away from another remodel job 
and the tiles were leftover from the bath in the previous photo.

It was nice to be able to set the sink flush with the tile,
making cleanup easier.

This sink in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
 is also from Stone Forest.

And the beautiful cabinet was built by Ken
 who also remodeled the rest of the house.

The rest of these photos are from Alamos, Sonora.

Above is from Doug's house that I profiled in the post:

I love this shallow sink and the single handle lever.

I hope to make a concrete sink and counter someday.

This is a work in progress with the wall finish yet to be done
and a door could be fitted to the vanity.

The above photo comes from the post:

I love the color of the tile.

This concrete vanity comes from the post:

The tile is a nice alternative to finished concrete
 and much easier to clean.

Also the doors show how much they spruce up the vanity.

These next two vanities come from
which I did four posts on back in March.

Above is in the main lodge and I included in the post:

The curve in the concrete top is very nicely done.

And this vanity comes from the post:

El Pedregal has lots of beautiful detail.

Above is a work in progress that I featured in the post:

And this last work in progress I showed in the post:

For more on all of these photos from Alamos
 check out Building In Alamos Sonora
 under the LABELS section in the right sidebar.