Sunday, May 8, 2011

Two Mortared Stone Walls

When we were in Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico 
we noticed this nice stone wall going up in the hot springs district.

The stone is beautiful and angular with a good face,
 perfect for a stone wall.

I am not sure where it came from.

The Rios brothers were working on the wall.

Originally from Guanajuato, Mexico 
they have been building in this area for years...

...and have built up a good reputation.

Watching them work on this wall it was obvious they worked hard 
and did beautiful work.

When I went back a couple of weeks later it was all finished...

...and looked great.

I think they may have used a stucco finish coat
 to give the color in the mortar joints.

For a different style, 
we ran across this project above in San Carlos, Sonora.

It will be an interior wall with very tight fitting joints.

The work was well done.

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