Saturday, April 30, 2011

Passive Solar Heating Ideas

It has been awhile since I have done much on passive solar ideas
 so here are some different things for heating space, water, and food.

These first three photos are from a house 
we saw in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I thought the combination of Trombe Wall 
with windows was interesting.

The sun hits the adobe bricks warming them up 
releasing the heat into the living space on cold nights.

An overhang shades the windows when the sun is high in the sky
 preventing overheating during the warm summer months.

This is another type of trombe wall from the post Passive Solar 
I did over a year ago.

This one is different in that the glazing
 is a translucent double wall polycarbonate over an adobe wall,
painted black with emulsified asphalt.

The trombe wall works better when the collector 
is not vented to the living space.

The wall will radiate heat directly to the room
 from any mass or masonry wall warmed by the sun.

Now let's move on to heating water.

This is a batch water heater at the Black Range Lodge 
in Kingston, New Mexico.

An old water heater with the insulation taken off
 is in an insulated box.

One must be sure that the water will not freeze.

This can also be next to or attached to a house.

Above is a solar cooker.

I just baked some potatoes today
 and it is also good for cooking beans among other things.

This is an interesting take on the solar cooker,
also at the Black Range Lodge.

It is actually attached to a house...

...and opens up to the inside of the house
 so it can also be used for space heating on cold winter days.

This is an idea that could be developed further.

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