Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More On The Hip Roof

I haven't done a post on the hip roof 
since the one I did over a year ago:

The beautiful building above is from a photo
 I originally used in my post, Glen Burnie Gardens,
which are in Winchester, Virginia.

The shed above is in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

This is a roof I built in Santa Fe and featured in the post:

A hip roof with the vents at each end of the ridge,
 as above, is a dutch hip.

And next to it is our former home also shown in the post:

You can see how much I love the hip roof.

The abandoned Bella Hotel is in Lake Valley, New Mexico,
which I profiled in the post:

This home was in my post: Old Adobes In Patagonia, Arizona.

A home in Washington state...

...and the framing underneath.

More hip roof framing in Patzcuaro, Michoacan, Mexico.

These last photos are all from Mexico.

Above is a clay tile roof in San Carlos, Sonora.

The hip roof protects all sides of a building from rain, wind and the hot sun
 as there are no tall gable ends.

It is a bit odd for us to see a concrete roof
 but it not out of the norm in Mexico.

You can see more of this building in San Carlos, Sonora 
in the post: The Formed Roof.

I would expect this roof to be covered by clay tiles.