Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tile Mural And Mosaic In San Carlos, Sonora

On one of our walking routes in San Carlos, Sonora
 we would pass by this beautifully tiled entryway.

It is a great combination of specially made tiles 
and a mosaic of broken pieces with the occasional sea shell.

The work is beautiful...

...and eye catching...

...and parts are even in 3d.

Right across the street set in a stone wall are these two nichos
 presumably by the same artist.

These have minimal grout joints and have statues of the 
Virgin of Guadalupe...

...and St Francis.

Nice neighborhood.

But that is not all.

Another time we were walking along the beach side of the same house
 and saw even more tile work on the back of the house.

I apologize for these photos but I took them from quite a distance...

...and these are mostly murals.

I wish I knew who the artist is for their work is exquisite.

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