Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ruins Of The Hillsboro, N.M. Courthouse And Jail

This is the 2nd post on Hillsboro, New Mexico,

This time we will look at the ruins of the old courthouse and jail.

This old photo hangs in the library
 and shows the courthouse from a similar perspective
 as the first photo of the ruins.

The ruins are shown from another angle...

...similar to this painting which was done in more modern times,
and which also hangs in the nearby library.

The courthouse was built in 1892
 and was used till the county seat was moved 
to present day Truth or Consequences in 1938.

At some point most of the bricks were recycled 
and sent to Truth or Consequences.

Directly behind the courthouse is the old jail.

In 1899 the famous trial of 
was held in the courthouse.

The metal security doors caught my attention.

Each door seems to have had a set of bars...

...and a solid metal door.

A remodeling job.

Though a bit primitive by our standards
 the window seems quite sophisticated for the day.

This wall facing the courthouse is leaning out
amd looks dangerously close to collapsing.

Time and the loss of the roof,
the joists and rafters provide structural support to the walls,
have taken their toll.

Also interesting to note the change in the stonework about 3' up from the ground.

A mesquite tree is coming up beside these nice looking corner stones.

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