Thursday, July 21, 2011

Door Ideas From Taos, N.M.

Following up on the previous post on Gates And Entryways
let's look at doors.

If you are planning on building doors,
Taos, New Mexico offers lots of ideas.

The door above I saw at a B&B on Kit Carson Rd.,
a block or so from the plaza.

These next two doors are from the courtyard 
of the Kit Carson Home.

The above door is nicely made with a single raised panel.

However old this door is it has suffered a bit 
judging from the metal angle braces at the corners.

This must be from a failure of the mortice and tenon joints,
and the bottom rail looks a bit too narrow 
to have enough mortice and tenon to hold the door square.

As with any nice door,
 this door would be better off with a small porch roof above it
 to protect from the rain and sun.

This standard metal,exterior door at Orlandos New Mexico Cafe
is greatly enhanced by paint and the surrounding windows and mural.

Inside is, well, not a door but a doorway.

This time tile and a beautiful painting make the difference.

Another commercial retrofit is at the

Paint can do amazing things.

This was found in nearby Arroyo Seco... was this copper clad door.

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