Thursday, July 7, 2011

Adobes In Hillsboro, New Mexico

In the previous posts we have seen:
Now let's look at adobe.

Most of the homes in the House Styles In Hillsboro, N.M.
 were probably adobe but because they were covered by stucco
 it was hard to tell for sure.

There is no doubt here.

It is interesting that they have exposed the adobe under this porch.

It is certainly good for the adobe in that it can breathe more 
and yet is still protected from rain.

If you look at the post:
you will notice that many of the homes there have exposed adobes.

This building looks like it has some history.

If you look about 2/3's of the way up the front corner 
you can notice a break in the stucco, 
which may have been the roof line of an old porch.

At the base of the walls concrete has been built up, 
maybe to protect the walls from ground moisture,
which can often times allow water in between the concrete 
and the adobe walls compromising the walls.

Although quite common in old adobes
 it is generally not a good solution.

This is a good example of how in older buildings the ground level
 around the building can build up at an alarming rate
 compromising wall systems that have inadequate foundations.

Lastly the window looks like it was an old door, hmmm,
what happened here?

When I saw this house I had the feeling that it was still in use.

Another view from the back.

It is interesting to compare the houses that have been fixed up
 to the ones that haven't been.

This looks like it was the gas station, general store...

...and garage at one time.

The building is still here but where did all the people go?