Friday, July 1, 2011

A Mural For The Percha Bank And Cranberry Press

You may remember the posts I did on the
 back in April.

Take a look at the posts for background.

Well an amazing thing has happened.

An itinerate artist known only as Paul miraculously showed up
 and painted the above mural to adorn the wall of the Percha Bank.

Using a turn of the century photo showing an outdoor print shop 
in Kingston he recreated the scene in the back room
 right in front of a hundred year old printing press
 used by Cranberry Press.

It was nearly finished the day we stopped by
 and it was a near perfect image of the photo.

To see this beautiful mural and the original photo stop by
or give Cranberry Press a call.

And to see more on Kingston click on the LABEL from the right sidebar for
 Building In Hillsboro And Kingston New Mexico.