Saturday, July 9, 2011

Doors, Gates, And Windows In Hillsboro, N.M.

Now that we have been around town in the last three posts,
let's go into some detail.

This doorway leads to Percha Creek Traders,
 an artists coop in "downtown" Hillsboro.

The door is nice enough,
 but what I really like is what is behind the glass leading into the 

This door and window are part of the building
 that was shown in the 3rd photo in House Styles In Hillsboro, N.M.

The arches at the top of the door and window
give a nice effect.

Hillsboro also has a nice selection of gates.

Allison noticed these two elephants
 as we were walking down the street.

This drive way gate at the back of the house
 matches the first gate we saw four photos back.

Hillsboro is a great town to look at architectural details.

To see more of the area go to
 Building In Hillsboro And Kingston New Mexico
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