Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gates And Entryways

I have a bunch of photos stored up on entryways 
so it must be time to take a look.

Above is from Patagonia, Arizona
 and to see more of this great little town see my posts:

This bamboo and steel entry is in Kingston, New Mexico
and was first shown in the post:

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This gate is in Arroyo Seco, New Mexico near Taos...

...and this was in nearby Dixon.

This beautifully carved gate was found at a b&b in Taos.

The exposed end grain at the top presents 
a perfect opportunity for moisture to get in
 and as you can see a split is forming at the top 
which allows even more moisture in.

For best results it is necessary to protect the top,
preferably with some sort of physical barrier.

This gate, also in Taos, must have been a jail door at one time.

For more on Taos see Building In Taos New Mexico
under LABELS in the right side bar.

Near the Kit Carson Museum in Taos
 this gate is very similar to one in the post:

There are two photos about halfway through the post 
that show a similar scallop edge.

What do you think?

Above is in Santa Fe, New Mexico

I showed this in the post: Capping An Adobe Wall.

The wall has been compromised a bit, 
but I like the way the steps twist up to the entry.

Much more interesting than if they went straight up
or if the wall in front of the gate was not there.

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