Monday, January 24, 2011

Two Hornos In Alamos

Some friends in Alamos, Sonora told me the other day
 about the Panaderia Moderna
and the wood fired horno that they used for their bread.

I had to go check it out.

This is a very large horno, made of fired brick, with two flues.
 They fire the oven every day to bake bread.

The green pot on the ledge is what they cook
 their lunch in with the coals from the horno,
 after they clean the fire out of the oven.

They start their fire in the morning
 and let it heat up the oven for a couple of hours
 before removing the coals.

In the meantime they make the loaves.

By early afternoon the bread is ready
 and they sell it in their shop,
 and have a crew of boys who sell it around town.

I think this is a family affair. 

The next day I was in the Plaza Alameda, 
where many of the venders set up for the annual music festival here,
 when I spied these two fellows firing their pizza oven.

Above is Jesus Omar Montano (left) with his partner. 

They built this adobe oven on site, on a table that they brought with them.

I believe they they used wet sand as a form and padded the mud over the sand.
They embedded chicken wire or stucco netting in the mud.

Once dried they shoveled the sand out, 
and put a lime wash over the outside.

Air holes were added to the back.

They are with Casa Cultural Mochomo 
in Hermosillo, Sonora.

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