Monday, January 17, 2011

Formed Cement And Plaster

Over the past few years we have been visiting Alamos, Sonora, Mexico,
 as readers of this blog may have noticed.

 Alamos has beautifully restored homes dating back over 300 years 
and I am constantly looking at the building techniques that are used here.

One that I have been wondering about is how to make the above scallop design. 

A few days ago Ernesto and Elena graciously invited me
 into the 300 year old home they are restoring.

Elena's family has been operating a print shop
 in this home for over a hundred years 
and now they are readying it for the next generation.

Above Ernesto holds the key to the scallop,
 a form locally made out of gypsum, or yeso.

The form that he is holding has a oil finish
 to keep it from sticking to the cement plaster.

I believe gypsum plaster could be used also.

As I understand it the form is propped in place for a day.

As you can see this scallop is part of the bathroom vanity.

Above is in the shower.

To see a short video of the operations of the print shop click here.
This is a town that is rich in tradition.

I will have more on their house in the near future. 
Muchas Gracias Ernesto y Elena.