Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An Adobe Fixer Upper in Alamos

Way back on February 15th, I did a post on a Fixer Upper In Alamos
and recently I met the artist Katherine Callingham and her brother Bob Rink
who is a photographer, who jointly own and are six years into fixing up
 another house in Alamos, Sonora.

The above photo shows the adobe house
 as it looked when they first purchased it.

And here is the team, from left: Bob, their builder Fernando, 
the architect Rosario, and Katherine.

Fernando has been involved from the beginning,
while Rosario has joined more recently.

Above is Fernando clearing out ruble,
 after tearing out walls that were too compromised to keep.

Fernando has done all the work from tearing down, to building back.

I took photos from the photo album that Bob and Katherine have of this project, 
so they are not always as clear as I would like.

The adobe walls have been replaced by fired brick and concrete post and beam,
 which is the standard style of building here.

I do not see any adobe building here and not sure why.

Builders must still know adobe construction,
 but the fired brick seems to be the material of choice
 for at least the last century or so.

A better view of the concrete post and beam.

Typically the brick is put up first
 and then that is used to hold the forms for the concrete with rebar.

Note the brick work over the the doors and windows.

And the finished facade, as it looks today.

I will post some more on this house next time.