Thursday, January 13, 2011

House Of Rain

     Over the holidays, as we were visiting a friend, I picked up the book House Of Rain by Craig Childs and proceeded to read the whole book. An avid reader I don't normally read books but this one grabbed me. Craig tracks the path of the Anasazi across what we now call the American  Southwest and into modern Mexico.

     The reason I bring this up in this blog is that he talks a lot about the physical structures that the Anasazi built, the materials they used, the differences by location and time, and how they changed over the course of their existence. These are, of course, a large part of the record that is left from this extensive culture.

     Craig has many interesting ideas about these people, their history, and what may have happened to them that were new to me. I was not particularly knowledgeable about this field of study but I have much more to think about now as we tour this fascinating part of the world. Check it out.