Friday, January 28, 2011

An Adobe Fixer Upper In Alamos, Part 2

I want to continue with Bob and Katherine's house
that I started a couple of days ago:

Let's move to the inside.

The deteriorated adobe walls have been replaced with brick,
 and concrete post and beam.

The old wooden roof rafters which were termite ridden, 
and rotted from the leaky roof have been torn out.

They are replaced with concrete rafters which are cast in place,
 and have 4 lengths of rebar, tied together every 10" or so.

The concrete rafters are standard practice here.

Above looks across the finished front room to the front door.

And the fireplace in the same room.

This shows the old portal
 which is where the kitchen and bath are now housed.

The bathroom window in that same corner is a great place for drying towels.

And here is Katherine in the new portal,
 although still very much under construction.

Notice the concrete arches which replaced the old brick columns.

The portal may be extended in the future.