Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More Formed Cement And Plaster

I want to continue with Ernesto's and Elena's house
 that they are remodeling in Alamos, Sonora.

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Now let's look at this beautifully proportioned fireplace.

The day I was there they were putting on the finish coat
 of plaster over a cement base coat.

They use lots of cement plaster here over either adobe or fired brick walls
 and then either finish coat it or paint.

This finish is troweled on with a very thin coat and is worked smooth.

I was very interested in the mix they were using,
 but I have some difficulty with my limited Spanish abilities.

The bag on the left is some kind of coarse aggregate similar to, 
but a bit coarser than, the plaster sand that I am familiar with in the states,
 and has a lighter color.

In the middle is what I took to be hydrated lime.
These two are mixed in roughly equal amounts.

The bag on the right is either portland or masons cement
and only a small amount is used with the other two.
I was a bit surprised to see the addition of cement.

Got that?

Here the maestro is showing how he formed the trim under the mantle.
Each worker seems to have his own set of forms or jigs in his toolbox.

Also note the mesquite header over the firebox opening.
This came from a very old, very dense post. 

Apparently mesquite is also termite proof.

Before I finish I wanted to add in this beautiful curved wall
 as you enter the master bedroom.

And on the other side is the shower in the master bath.
I hope to see this when it is tiled and finished.

I will continue with Ernest's and Elena's next time.