Friday, April 22, 2011

Fixer Upper In Kingston, New Mexico

For the last in this seven part series on Kingston, New Mexico
I want to show this beautiful  home that has been lovely renovated
 and cared for by Paul and Terry as a retirement project.

Above is the first glass block greenhouse I have run across.

As the weather gets warmer they have added the canvas cover 
to shade the roof.

And inside the bedroom on the other side of an adobe wall
 from the greenhouse you can see the windows 
and fan that help transfer the heat inside.

This is about the the only source of heat for the bedroom.

Back outside I want to show you the front door.

This recycled old door was actually applied to a metal door...

...and inside Paul applied copper for a very striking look.

Looking from the living room into the entry way it is easy
 to see the creative use of color they have used.

The paint colors they have selected go nicely 
with the artwork they have collected over the years.

This wood cook stove is the sole source of heat,
 besides the solar greenhouse you saw in the first photo.

The bathroom vanity has been nicely done with the ceramic sink,
flagstone counter, and arts and crafts style cabinets.

This wall cabinet complements the vanity.

Out back I was intrigued by this deck that was built with metal framing

This is a good alternative to building decks 
with lumber that may rot over time.

On top of the deck joists is corrugated metal used in commercial buildings,
 with cement fiber board attached to that,
and then a finished surface of slate tiles.

The deck overlooks a beautiful 100 year old orchard,
watered by the last working irrigation ditch in Kingston,
and carefully restored and brought back to life by Paul and Terry.

The orchard sits next to Percha Creek
 and is a wet oasis in this mountain valley.

They are definitely stewards of the land in this little piece of the world, 
for without them this bit of paradise might have fallen into ruin.

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