Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Percha Bank In Kingston, New Mexico

Right next to the Cranberry Press studio,
which is right next to the Black Range Lodge,
in beautiful tiny town Kingston, New Mexico,

The Percha Bank stands today as if time stood still...

...and it is still ready for business.

The facade displays beautiful stonework and detail.

From these old photos one gets the feel for a vibrant past.

On top of the bank (on the right above) one can see the finials...

...one of which has moved inside.

May I help you?

Mark and Marilyn Nero, 
who you met in the previous post on Cranberry Press,
 are the loving owners of the bank.

They open the museum and gallery on weekends
 and by appointment.

The original teller's windows are still intact...

...and have been converted to display cases to hold historical artifacts
 from the early years of Kingston.

The woodworking is beautiful and has the original finish.

On the other side where tellers once stood is more display area.

The original safe was built before the rest of the bank on it's own foundation
 and with 2' thick adobe walls.

On the wall beside the safe
 and over Marks shoulder is a photograph of Captain Jack Crawford,
also known as the cowboy poet.

The safe was built by Diebolt.

Too bad they didn't stick with safes,
instead of voting machines.

Mark stands at the back door. 

The random ruble and brick wall which is nice in it's own right,
 stands in sharp contrast to the fine cut stone on the front.

Next time we will continue with our tour of Kingston.

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