Saturday, August 27, 2011


I want to show some of the nicer doors we have seen around the continent,
and starting out is this door we discovered in Brattleboro, Vermont.

(Please note: this is a re-write of the post: Doors We Have Seen from 2/11/10.)

It is a beautifully designed and executed door
and is nicely protected by a porch roof (very important).

This may be one of the nicest doors I have ever seen 
and it lives at Arcosanti.

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This is not necessarily a show stopper but it is beautiful, well made door.

Taos, New Mexico

I am not sure what caused the cracking in this panel
but the panels need to move freely in the frame.

Panel construction has been developed over hundreds of years,
maybe thousands,
 to counteract the expansion and contraction of wood. 

These last two photos are from Alamos, Sonora.

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