Friday, August 12, 2011

Making Adobe Bricks In Patzcuaro, Michoacan

A couple of years ago Allison and I stayed at the
and as luck would have it the owners son was an architect 
and contractor with an adobe making operation adjacent to the campground.

Hernan Pimentel concentrated on modern design 
using traditional materials and techniques.

The pit above is in an arroyo which fills back up with dirt 
after the summer rains so each year more adobe dirt.

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I noticed three main differences in how adobes were made here
 as compared to New Mexico.

First, the use of a horse to mix the mud was something I had never seen
and second the use of pine needles instead of straw for fiber in the bricks.

Where as in New Mexico we have lots of straw available 
I suppose in Patzcuaro the needles made more sense
and they were very long needles.

Hernan was adamant about the need for fiber in the bricks,
something I wholeheartedly agree with.

Having to shovel the dirt up so far certainly adds to the work load
 of an already labor intensive job.

The third difference is that the bricks above are much larger than in New Mexico:
4" x 12" x 16" to 20" compared to our 4" x 10" x 14".

The mud must be stiff enough so that the bricks
 do not slump when the form is removed,...

...the mud must be packed tightly into the forms...

...and you end up with beautiful, well made bricks.

Some of Hernan's work

And this kitchen and dining area under construction 
will be used by the campground and for rent for dinner parties.

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