Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wood Fired Ceramic Kilns In Mexico

As I continue reworking some of my very first posts 
and since the last post was on brick kilns, 
let's take a look at ceramic kilns, first in the Alamos, Sonora area. 

I tagged along one day as my friend David, who is a potter, 
wanted to find some wood fired kilns.

Above you can see the fire chamber,
 which I find interesting because the shelf supporting the rack
 is held up by brick arches.

And from above you can see the shelf.

The same kiln from the rear which is where the pottery is loaded.

In the nearby town of La Aduana we ran across this small kiln...

...and the owners graciously showed us a bean pot
 that had been fired in it.

These last three photos are from Guanajuato, Guanajuato 
and a family living across from our campground had a ceramic business.

The potter above is using a kick wheel...

...and this is their kiln... 

...and the pots out of the kiln.

These pots go to the nearby town of Dolores Hidalgo, 
where they will be glazed and refired.

Dolores Hidalgo is well known for it's brightly colored ceramic ware,
with intricate designs.