Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Windows And Doors At Arcosanti And Cosanti

My last post had no pictures so I hope to make up for that now.

 I have covered the work of Paolo Soleri enough now 
that I will make his own label covering his work
 at Arcosanti and Cosanti as well as the updates I have added 
about the amphitheater he designed in Santa Fe, N.M.

For now I want to show the doors and windows 
at Arcosanti and Cosanti which may give nice design ideas.
I think the door above is one of the nicest I have seen anywhere.

Above is from Cosanti.

This creates I nice entrance for an apartment at Arcosanti.

It seems odd to have a sloped window
 which lets in more hot sunlight from the brutal Arizona sun. 
Even at the end of March when this photo was taken shade is needed.

It would be interesting to know how this sun room
 performs through the year. It looks like it could get quite hot.
When we took our tour we were not allowed into that area. 
They are very restrictive about where you can go,
 I suppose because they get so many visitors.