Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More Stone Carving In Mexico

On our way back from Mexico we stopped at this stone yard, 
Canteras Guadalajara, in Imuris, Sonora 
just about 40 miles south of Nogalos, Arizona.

 We had passed by here many times over the years
 and finally got around to stopping.

 There are lots of carved items here.
 For more on stone carving check my post from February 24th- 

And you can't miss them as they are right along Mex. 15
 the main highway south.

This is very convenient for people in southern Arizona
 because it is so close to the border.

They also have lots of stone tile.

The cantera stone used here comes from Jalisco state in Mexico.

The layout

The craftsman at work.

I am not sure how much of this is carved on site 
and how much may be shipped in.

I assume it is safe to visit this area but the drug wars are a very fluid situation 
and it is always good to check local conditions.
There were certainly no problems in early March.